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Is there a weight limit?

Yes, weight limit 105kg or 220lbs. (We don't want to be back on ground before the parachute opens:-) Body proportion and general fitness may influence a safe landing. You should be able to lift your legs for landing

What about bad weather?

Bad weather happens. Call and we discuss the options. Deposit will be refunded in case we decide not to jump due to bad weather

How old do I have to be?

There is no age limit. Your body has to fit the harness and be in good health. Under age need parental consent

What do I need to wear?

Sneakers, t-shirt, jeans or shorts in summer. Bring windstopper and gloves in winter.
You'll get a jump suit, goggles, gloves and if desired a leather hat

Do you pick us up at the Hotel or Interlaken train station?

Yes, free of charge

How long will it take?

2-3 hrs, expect delays due to weather and your friends jumping first

Can I get my skydive filmed?

Yes, pictures and videos are options, see under prices / options

Can I bring my own camera?

Because of safety reasons no wrist or helmet cameras such as Go Pro's allowed. Chest strap exceptions can be made when buying one of our professional video product

Can I breathe or talk in freefall

If you don't breathe you get in trouble :-) and if you talk, you breathe!

What happens if the parachute doesn't open?

Sh... pray, swear and stumble your last words into the camera. Do you see cows as aints, you are safe. When you see cows as cows, open the parachute. When you see aints as cows... too late! There is a back up chute and an Automatic Activation Device. It even opens the reserve parachute if you knock down your tandemmaster by screaming to loud

Self pull option

Open the parachute yourself. You will get a proper introduction. Self pull option is recommended when doing your second skydive and would like to learn about the sport

Fun Jumper

Requirements: Minimum USPA -B- licence, 60 - 70 jumps. Registration, Introduction, ground transport to heli and first slot CHF 95. Bring your own gear, no rentals. After initial registration, slots may be sold at lowwer price by management

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